The Roller Coaster Must Go Down to Get Back up Again

I know… I was on a high after our first week of school. It was just so wonderful, happy, smooth, joyful, productive and yes, even fun. And I guess I should have known that something was up. You know, the calm before the storm, so-to-speak.

Yeppers… a rotten week all across the board! Oh, it’s okay… we are fine, and this too shall pass! But it’s just that I would have LOVED to relish in that great week just a little longer before all the crud hit the fan.

First off, we still have intermittent internet and tv service. Nine technicians, countless phone calls and much expressed restraint and patience has led us nowhere. Yes, I am about to switch companies, but do you know how much I DETEST doing that. It’s almost as bad as a going to court. (Okay, maybe not.) I always lose contact with someone or can’t get into a site that I don’t use often but that is important to me, because I forgot to change the email on it, etc. I just hate it.

Second, JJ came down with a nasty cold on Monday. He is a sad little sickie! He doesn’t complain much – and will still try to smile at you even though he is miserable. I just LOVE that kid.

We were SO careful and attentive to not spread the cooties around. I ampted up everyone’s vitamin C and the “no milk & no sugar” level went into force. You know, like a code orange! They are awesome about it too. I don’t have to “enforce” it… they KNOW what to do or not do and better yet… they WANT to. It’s great!

But as careful and diligent as we were… sadly, on Thursday Guy and Harris got it. And wouldn’t you know it… I get a migraine that same day. I thought it was the flu or something because I was so nauseous. But no… it was just a weird migraine (I think), cuz I was fine the next day. And what’s up with my kids getting colds right after school starts? It’s not like they were going into a classroom full of new germs or anything! Sheesh.

So, the boys are all getting better and I suspect that by tomorrow there will be little evidence of their snotty week, except for maybe a few extra tissue boxes lying around the house and a stray cough or two.  (knock on wood!) *Wheeewh*

Third, we are also still having air conditioner problems. Yes… sad, but true. Our crippled air conditioner has been patched, poked and prodded along for some time now, but it has finally bit the big one. I am not happy about having to shell out money on something like that right now – but there’s never a good time, and I’m very grateful that there is such a thing as air conditioning!!

So, even when everyone was sick and we did all the school we could muster for the day… and we wanted to just lay around watching tv, sneezing and blowing noses… it was too hot, the tv wouldn’t work (or would freeze right before they announced who won the cooking challenge. Oh grrrrr.), the computer wouldn’t go online, and everyone was hungry because I wouldn’t cook anything for fear of heating up the house even more! They couldn’t eat cereal (a favorite standby) because of the milk, and they were SICK to death of sandwiches! I know I will look back on this one day and laugh. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – eh?

 Fourth, and last, the husband sightings have been few and far between! He was gone all last week, worked until very late almost every night this week, and now is going to be gone again this coming week. Happy as I am to have him home – when he is – I am having a difficult time switching my rolls back and forth from single parent to loving wife. I get into a mode of “it’s all on me” kind’a thing… and then don’t know how to turn it off when he comes home. Seems like by the time I get the switch flipped… he’s leaving again. Grrrr. I’m a mess and don’t know how to fix it – so have been getting a little “down” this weekend. (maybe more than a little.)

However, I had a very good and uplifting conversation with one of my dear brothers last night and that did a lot for my drab spirits. Thanks bro! Miss you so much.


Well, I have already gotten a lot done today, but must get back to finishing my lesson plans and laundry! That’s my Sunday line up. Lesson plans and laundry! I do rather enjoy both of them, so it’s not too terrible of a day. Kind’a nice to be left alone to my duties and thoughts.

So… here’s to a new week… a new air conditioner (hopefully soon)… a new internet company (fadoodles 😦  )… and a new outlook (if I can find one.) CHEERS!

 Hope you are all doing well.





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2 responses to “The Roller Coaster Must Go Down to Get Back up Again

  1. Karen Peckham

    Well, hang in there. You can just be glad that you got started with your schooling 2 weeks ago, so when things like the sick week came up –you’re not behind since you were already ahead! We plan to start our school year tomorrow. And if you’re actually doing lesson plans on Sunday, you’re doing great! I’m cleaning up from a weekend of camping.

  2. Linkin was sick this morning (her third day of school) and had to stay home. Grandpa called and said that Uncle Evan (Misty’ brother) took Linki into school at noon.

    Kindergarten is just too much fun to miss.


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