World War II Study

For History right now we are studying WWII. There is just so much to know about it… I’m having trouble keeping on task. We’ve watched several documentaries and a movie or two so far. Have been reading about Anne Frank, and Corrie ten Boom. This all fascinates me, however I think the boys are no more interested in it than I was at their age!

My plan is to saturate them in it, so that maybe some of it will stick in their minds. Then, later on they may recall some of what we’ve studied and want to know more. I guess what I am really trying to do is to make  encourage them to be curious!

Yesterday, I took them to breakfast (to celebrate September!) and then to a big antique shop to look for WWII era artifacts for our art project. We found a few things, but it was much harder than I thought it’d be. Not everything has a date on it. A lady that worked there was kind enough to help us out. She was older and remembered a lot of that time period, so was able to even find us some sheet music of a popular singer.  We had a good time.

Tomorrow, we will start our WWII art project. I’ll try to take pictures of it along the way, but I’m not so sure as to how much free time my hands will have. But for sure I’ll take shots of the project as we go. It will more than likely take several days to complete.  I’m so excited about it… but again… they are apathetic. Hopefully, that will change once we get started. 🙂

This has been another week of no air-conditioning, and intermittent internet. I made a deal with the provider to try to work out the problem. It will help them help others that may have similar issues. So… on top of everything else… I’m keeping a log of when it goes on and off. Grrrrr.

Thankfully, we are getting an air-conditioning unit this weekend. So there is light at the end of the tunnel on that one. I’m guessing that as soon as it’s installed, Fall will come and cooler weather! Oh well, it will be ready and waiting for us next summer.

Everyone is feeling better and we are having some good talks. I am, again, amazed at how the boys have matured over the summer. It’s nice, but at the same time I miss my “little” boys. 😦

Hope you are all doing well.






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