School Pictures

I’m just using some pictures I took yesterday down at Warm Springs.

I take a lot of pictures, because… well, you know, they don’t all turn out. But at one point JJ got the camera in his hands and then leans into me and says in an evil voice, “Okay Mom… now you’re gunna know what it feels like on the other end of this thing!” It was hilarious! And yes… he would call out every minute or two “Mom… pose”!

He’s right. It is annoying.


But I sure am glad I got these.

I do prefer this side of the lens!




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2 responses to “School Pictures

  1. Karen Peckham

    The school pictures turned out very nice. I like the background.
    Hey, could you tell me where you got the WWII Unit Study?

  2. Amy

    So Cute! I just love boys!! I love being a spoiled mama. You’re taking great shots. It is important to get on the other side sometimes. I don’t like pix of me, but I do feel a little bummed when there are NO shots of me album after album so posterity can know I was there too haha.

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