Thumper – Found Dead

Today has been an interesting day. We started off all out of sorts since we didn’t have school yesterday due to the fact that we actually had school on Saturday (see previous-before-last post) and I used yesterday to do lesson plans and gather information for our new study. But you know how it is when your week gets all screwed up, and your schedule gets out of joint? It does a number on the ole’brain!

Well, Harrison especially had a hard time getting back into the swing of things today. After enduring some damaged feelings from a brother (who shall remain nameless), he kept saying that his eyes hurt and it was hard to look at his work. At first I’m thinking, “That’s a good one!” But when the tears started seeping out of the corners, I knew there had to be more to it than just the trying-to-get-out-of-schoolwork-by-fooling-mom-into-thinking-I’m-going-blind-all-of-the-sudden thing.

After trying a thing or two to just help get him through the school day (ineffectively), I finally took him into my room and told him to lay down with his eyes shut for half an hour and then lets see how they do after a little rest. I closed the blinds, put on some “white noise” and got him all cozy for his “eye rest”. I told him I’d set the timer for half an hour and then he could get up.

He’s 9 mind you. Well past the age of the Evil Dreaded Naps, but hey, if your tired – your tired. (So now look who’s trying to fool someone. “ahaaam”)

It worked though. I went to check on him in half an hour and he was OUT! He slept for almost two hours, and was a different kid when he awoke! Oh… the eyes? They became fine during their therapeutic rest!! A MIRACLE really.

 He came to me after he got up and hugged me and said he was sorry for all the drama. Sweet boy. I told him it was quite all right. We all need to put out our SOS for help sometimes… and today just happened to be his day. I think part of schooling should be that we learn how to take care of ourselves when we are having one of those days. And we ALL have them from time to time! (Although, I know it’s not always possible for some of us to take a nap – but if you can – DO IT!)

While we were having school, and in between the eyeball drama with Harris, I started working on the little favors that I stupidly ignorantly bravely was forced oh alright already… that I volunteered to make AGAIN  for a church program we have every November. My boys are upset with me AGAIN. Reminding me of all the reasons I shouldn’t be doing this AGAIN. But I never learn.

And this year I have only two molds. Not two molds that produce 8 objects. Two molds that produce… two objects. I had three, but ruined one trying to do it in plaster. So… they are out of clay this year. One. At. A. Time.

The good news is… I have 20 out of the mold and cooked. I know… 280 to go, but I figure if I can get 20 a day molded and cooked… then I should have that part done in 15 days. That leaves most of next month to paint, seal and glue magnets on them. See? I have a plan. (And yes… we all know how those usually go… 😦  S.O.S.!!)

 After school and kitchen clean up, I got to got myself cleaned up and headed over to meet a dear friend for dinner. And yes… I left the boys alone to eat unhealthy food and rot their brains out with cartoons. (Daddy’s gone again this week.) 

I had a GREAT time with my sweet girlfriend Sandy, but it is just never long enough. I SO miss her. She was my neighbor for years and now there is just a big hole there. (Well, not literally, other folks moved in and all, but it’s not the same.) I’m sure we would have finished our conversation in one of our cars once the restaurant closed, like we’ve done in the past, if my husband had been home to make the boys go to bed and all. Maybe next time!

When I got home from dinner with Sandy, JJ met me at the door and tried to tell me something. He kept saying his cat’s name (Tang) and then would stop. My heart sank – and I wheeled around to console him as he told me the bad news – but when he saw the look on my face he said, “OH NO… MOM… it’s alright… Tang is fine… everything is okay… he’s fine… it’s just that… well, he… he…”

I said “Oh crap…where did he barf?”

JJ: “No, he didn’t barf. He… he… killed a bunny. I found him chewing on it out on the deck. It was grooossss. It wasn’t even all the way dead yet… and he was chewing on it.”

Poor kid. He didn’t even want to tell me because he knew it would bother me. (I like little bunnies) And yet he needed to tell me. Sweet boy. Then his brothers appear and they all have to put in their two cents worth on the disgusting chain of events that followed! Darren knew that he didn’t want me to see it when I got home, so they all pitched in and “took care of it” like-a-mob-hit-cover-up before I arrived home.


I don’t do cute dead things well.

But as I think about them (the boys), and the way they told me about it, I have to smile. They truly were trying to protect me. All of them did something to help deal with the situation before I got there so I wouldn’t have to. And they wouldn’t even tell me “how” they took care of it. I like that. That is what a good man should do for his woman… and if they are already doing it for me… then there is a good chance they will be that kind of protective, careing man to their wives when they get married.

That just makes me smile.


But as I smile about that, I really am a little sad still for that bunny.

The murderer:

I’ll try to forgive “Sir Fat One” for that unnecessary act of violence against such cuteness. But he shall be banned from sunning himself outside the castle walls until further notice.

ahhh… goodnight.




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2 responses to “Thumper – Found Dead

  1. Oh, goodness! I would have thought just like you. But in the reality of things cats are predators…but oh my…I wouldn’t have wanted to see it either.


  2. Sandy

    This post made me laugh and made me cry ………..your boys’ wives are going to be very lucky ladies! It also made me feel very special. Love you girl!

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