Cool Bugs

Today was the day of cool creatures. First was this neat caterpillar the boys detected, on the side of the house, while out playing today.


Isn’t he fabulous?

You won’t find me getting too close! The last time I saw a beautiful caterpillar with long black “hairs”, I ended up in the emergency room! I don’t know if this one is poisonous or not – but I won’t be finding out the hard way. Haven’t had time to look him up on line yet… but will do that when I get some time.

Then, this afternoon as we were heading out to guitar lesson, I found this gal! I HAD to stop and catch her. Then shoot some pictures before we let her go. Thanks to some “skillful” driving – we made it to the lesson on time anyway!

Ain’t she cool?

We marveled at how she moved in such a human like way. Like to cock her head to the side to get a better look at us! We were quite pleased with our finds. And right here in our own yard. Ya got’ta love it!






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7 responses to “Cool Bugs

  1. deldobuss

    Very cool. My girls are busy collecting caterpillars to raise into Monarchs right now. We have one that has cocooned itself. They also find Assassin bugs all the time, but you have to handle those carefully!

  2. Hey Hi-D
    What a beautiful caterpillar!

    When my boys were small they loved to find all sorts of insects, lizards, frogs, and whatever they could catch.
    I remember one time the oldest found a praying mantis like that one.
    The rascal(the praying mantis, that is) can pinch pretty hard…I found out! lol.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sandy

    The last picture is my fav. It looks like she posed for you!

  4. Very cool!!!! I enjoy your unique bugs down there.


  5. Kristin

    Wow, great photos! And fun finds. That caterpillar is a Dagger Moth:

    (Much prettier as a caterpillar.) 🙂

  6. So amazing…God made such unique creatures!

    Nice shots too! You could publish those – what kind of camera do you use?

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