I’ve Lost my Mind

The plan for today’s post was entirely different from what I am about to write.

I will get to posting the WWII art project, my current art project and school updates soon. But for now I will just tell you a couple little things and then get off to bed to.

First and foremost, I am asking that all of you of the praying sort to keep Gerrit in your prayers this week. He has his annual MRI (for his Chiari Malformation – read his story under Gare Bear’s Chiari Journey) next Monday and we are hoping and praying that the cyst in his spinal column has shrunken since last year. If not, this doctor wants to do exploratory surgery. Of course, we will do that if necessary… but that is not what we are wanting. We are hopeful that the cyst has shrunk enough that it won’t be necessary. And of course we will be getting second and third opinions on it as well. Anyway, Gerrit is a little bit nervous about it (as am I). He is old enough now to know what is going on and what it all means. I have to say, he has been extremely great at taking his vitamins and eating very healthy since last September when we got the report that the cyst was enlarged.

Thank you all in advance for your prayers. I will keep you posted on it.

And the other tidbit for tonight… after a rough day of teaching while fighting my migraine (for the third day), I rushed out the door with the two youngest for their piano lesson. In my fog of pain, I forgot a lot of stuff, but most importantly my cell phone. I muddled through the lessons and then sent the boys into a couple of stores for me, while I stayed in the car propping my head up and keeping my eyes closed! When we got home – Gerrit ran out to the car and announced that I had forgotten my phone! Which, of course, I already had figured out. Then, he proceeded to tell me that Darren had accidentally run over Brutus when he backed out of the driveway to go to work.


Long story short – Brutus is going to be okay. He is banged up and quite traumatized, but no broken bones. Just some scrapes and cuts – but nothing too serious. (As far as I can tell in my haze!) But I will check him out again tomorrow with a good thorough going over.

Darren called on his work break and the poor guy was so upset by it. He had been thinking about Brutus the whole evening and was just sick about it. And poor Gerrit. He had to deal with a bloody and freaked out dog for over an hour all by himself. I hugged him and told him he did real good, and handled the crisis well. He said “yea… I think it was good for me to learn to deal with stuff like this by myself. Now at least I know I can do it!”  He did great and I am so proud of him.

So…  extra dog in the house –  since I think he had a little seizure earlier. It was weird. Not sure what it was, so I want to keep an eye on him.

Of course, Dave is gone again this week! 😦

I’m tired and I want a new head.






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