I’m Grateful

Thank you for the prayers and comments for Gerrit. I appreciate it so much more than I can say.

He was anointed in our church today, and it was so very special/emotional/wonderful. I was very proud of him for being willing to let us do this. Basically, the pastor and the elders of our church (as well as the rest of his family) gathered around him and put their hands on him, then they all prayed for healing (that the cyst would be reduced in size). The pastor puts some oil on his head (symbolic) and ends it by rededicating him to the Lord. Very sweet and special moment.

We are so grateful for our little church family. They were there for us 12 years ago when we first found out that Gerrit had Chiari – and we had only been to the church maybe 3 times. But they came to us with food, lent us a car, prayed over us, and gave us support like I’ve never experienced before. It was fantastic – and we stayed!

All because of one person. One person made a phone call to me and invited us to church. I seriously had no intentions of actually going on a regular basis… I went the first time to make a little lady happy! Never underestimate what you can do for others. One phone call, one smile, one small gesture can change their life.

Thanks Giselia, and thanks PTC church!

I will try to get a post on here Monday afternoon or evening to let you know what the doctor says about the MRI.

Thanks again for your prayers,





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2 responses to “I’m Grateful

  1. So wonderful that you have an amazing church family. There’s nothing like it. I will keep you guys in my prayers…

    This is too weird…today the Lord was really impressing on me (again) the importance of praising others – just like that lady that invited you to church and you kept coming back. It’s so true – that a kind word, phone call, email, etc. can do so much. I wrote almost the same thing today on a blogpost! http://proverbsforeveryday.blogspot.com/2010/09/praise-others.html

  2. Sorry I’ve missed out, hope by the time I get to the top the MRI is in and everything is okay.


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