Brain Drain

Wishing I could drain my brain out on here and then it would weigh less.

It’s been very busy around here lately. No real big news there – but a lot of the busy has been out on the run – and that’s just not what I’m used to.

One of the places I’ve been going every other day is the chiropractor. It’s been many years since I’ve gone to one, and that wasn’t a good experience. So, making the decision to go now was nerve-racking and I did it out of sheer desperation. I took the advice and recommendation of Karen (the boys piano teacher) and got in to see this particular chiropractor. I should have done it weeks years ago because my tallness was WAY out of whack.

And even though, I’m in a neck brace (sore and uncomfortable) my four-week migraine is gone!


Oh, there are still the occasional headaches, when I’ve not rested my neck like I should, but not near as bad as before. I’m so grateful. Grateful for the good recommendation to a very nice, gentle and competent chiropractor. And, grateful that it’s something that can actually be helped. I am cranky – but encouraged!

 I haven’t made much progress on my little mice since early last week when my DEAR friend Sandy came over to help me work on them. It’s way more fun to work on them with a good friend! Thank you Sandy! I will be getting back to them shortly. Still have about half of them to do yet. The little varmints – they be messing with my neck!

I’m very behind in all my chores and projects. I get cranky when I can’t get my stuff done. But at least I’m still moving and am not totally down!

The boys have been great. Well… 95 percent of the time anyway! That’s pretty good. There is that occasional “tude” problem with one of them now and then… but overall… they’ve been great. They pray for my neck, ask if they can do anything for me, and do extra chores for me without fussing. I’m lucky. No… actually, I’m blessed… very blessed to have such sweet boys.

We will soon be blessed with a visit from my Dad. He is visiting his sisters up in North Carolina right now, but will come on down here with us early next week for about ten days. The boys are so looking forward to spending some time with their Papa!

 Well, hungry boys await my culinary efforts.







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2 responses to “Brain Drain

  1. Good! I’m glad you went and he is helping. I’m a firm believer in those types of doctors.


  2. I hope you’re feeling better. I can’t imagine having a migrane for that long! They are the worst!!!

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