Happy November!

I’m not sure what this random lags between posts are all about… except maybe just real life. It happens!

So much time has gone by that I don’t even know were to start. I like to keep it in order of events, but maybe that is just unreasonable at this point. Awhile back I started having my blog printed – so the boys will have a record of their childhood and homeschool days. (Need to get back on that too.) But now, I feel like it only reasonable to hit the highlights until I get caught up!

I promised some of you that I would show you the steps and pictures of the little mice that I’m making. Well, I’ve gotten all the photos ready – and I will possibly get that on here by tomorrow. They are coming along now, and I’m up to number 231! I need to make it over 300 (I was hoping for 350) but I will be happy to just get to 300 now! Only three weeks left. Can I do it?

Been going to the chiropractor at least twice a week lately. It has truly helped. He said I was strung up as tight as a banjo string when I first went in. Now, it’s SO much better and I haven’t had a bad headache in two weeks!!!!! 🙂 I think I love my chiropractor!

We also got a jacuzzi a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been soaking in it when I get a chance. It is nice on a cold night! I actually saw a falling star while relaxing in it last night! Soooo coool!

We were also blessed with a great visit from my dad! He was here for 10 days and we loved every minute of it! He was such a joy to have here – and the boys and I miss him very much. I’ll share some neat pictures from that visit soon too.

Well, just wanted to get myself back into my routine of posting something. I’ll soon get around to visit all of my regular blog friends as well. I haven’t forgotten about’cha!

Hope you all are having as nice of a fall day as we are here. It’s beautiful!




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