More With Mice

So… now that you have your mice (or whatever you’ve molded out of clay) cooked, it’s time to paint the little cuties. Well, I usually glue on the magnet at this point, as it helps me hold the little dudes while I paint. It’s up to you. I use E600 glue. I like it… I like-it-a-lot! (But it is a bit noxious… so glue and then leave the room!)

Oh! I found the site that I ordered the mold from. It’s at Mad About Molds. But there are a lot of neat molds out there if ya google it.

I use regular acrylic craft paint for this. Use a metallic silver for the thimble part. I had to put two coats of that color on. You wouldn’t have to really… but I’m just particular that way. I thought it looked better with two. (I’m one of those “more is better” kind’a people!)

In the beginning, I painted the ears and cheeks with a pink paint… but later learned that watering down the red (same as the bow) looked better.

I also painted the lines on the mouth in some of the earlier mice – but soon learned that I could save a whole lot of time by not doing that. And they still looked fine.

The eyes, nose and claws were all done with black and were – no doubt – the hardest part. Once I got into a groove, it went along pretty well. Just takes practice and patience.

In this photo you see some of the white ones up at the top. That was with white clay – but the softer kind – so they were much harder to make. Also, I still had to put a coat of white on them anyway since I didn’t think the bare white clay was white enough.  You can also see that these were done with the pink ears and cheeks.

I am much happier with the last 200 mice than the first 100… but I’m not about to do those over!

Okay… last step. The Sculpy gloss glaze. This is just to seal it and make it shiny. You notice that I didn’t use it on the mouse at all. I wanted him to look furry (sorta) rather than shiny. (Although, in the beginning I was glossing the whole thing. So, personal preference here for sure.) I did put a dot of gloss on his nose!

Word of caution… this gloss will gunk up your brush. I washed mine out with soap and water each time I used it, and it still got stiff. DON’T use your favorite brush for this. However, using a cheap one may be frustrating to get good, smooth coverage, and may also leave hairs in your glaze. I used a fairly decent brush and just chalked it up to charity! It’s one of those things you are just going to have to decide for yourself.

This glaze is air dry. I did mine before I went to bed so that the mice were ready to pack up and put away in the morning. I haven’t had any problems with them at all. Just make sure you are using fresh gloss. Not one you’ve had in the back of your craft closet for years! (learned that the hard way last year. 😦 )

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed taking the mouse magnet journey with me. I do encourage you to try it. It’s fun – and they make great little gifts. And the kids might like to make them too. JJ helped me work on them some… but he’s got a creative mind of his own and more often than not, he would create his own little creature instead of a mouse! Then I had to stop what I was doing and take a picture of it!! He’s a nut.

Okay, now for the giveaway. Leave me a comment telling me about a craft project you are working on, a favorite project you’ve done, or why you don’t do crafts 🙂 and I will have a drawing from the comments on Monday (Nov. 15). (Only one comment per person please.) There will be three winners. Each one will receive a personally signed, little Christmas Mouse magnet of their very own.

Also, if you have any questions about this clay craft – feel free to ask! I may not know the answer… but, please… ask! 🙂

Good luck,





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2 responses to “More With Mice

  1. Karen Peckham

    Wow, What a job! That may be one reason I don’t do crafts! So meticulous and time consuming. But those mice are very cute. Can’t believe you did an entire factory’s worth of them though.
    My favorite quasi-craft is scrapbooking (especially Creative Memories)–although with homeschooling and the endless clutter around here I haven’t had much time for it lately. I have a ton of scrapbooking supplies, and I’ve also done online albums (with Shutterfly and had the books printed).

  2. You are just amazing! I would like to buy some of your mice…I would like four please so I can put them in my grandkids Christmas stocking and give one to my boss at work. Would you email the cost?


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