Wheewh… It’s Over!

I make it sound like a root canal, don’t I? But no… it was just Truly Christmas! And just to be clear… I LOVE Truly Christmas! It’s just a lot of work. And now I’m tired!

It was a wonderful evening and went very well. Errrr, except for the part where I dumped an entire container of cream all over the front of me! No really!! I was mortified! It is the hostess of each table’s responsibility to provide the cream and sugar for their guests. I had filled one of my tables cream pitcher, and went to fill the second one. I thought there might be some glitter in the little pitcher from setting up the centerpiece the night before, so I tipped it out first before filling it. Unbeknownst to me… some sweet soul had already filled that one! 😦 I had cream all down the front of my pants and all over my shoes, the floor, and two chairs. 😦 I was stunned and frozen in an “oh $&*@” position. Help came and we cleaned it up fine – just in time. Leave it to me.

My two middle boys and husband help serve the dinner. This will be their 5th or 6th time at it. And I think we figured out that this is my eighth year as a hostess. I have decided that I need to dig out all my photos from every year that I’ve done a table and get them organized in a little “Truly Christmas” album. I’ll get right on that.

Oh, for those of you that don’t know what “Truly Christmas” is… let me give you a brief synopsis of it. Twelve years ago a lady in our church started this – I know that other churches do similar events – but she wanted to do something for the community during the Christmas season, and try to turn people’s attentions to helping others rather than the hustle and bustle of what this time of year has become. So she, along with some of her friends and family, invited some ladies from their neighborhoods and work places to come and have a nice dinner, hear some Christmas songs & stories, and the proceeds of the evening would go to a local charity. That first year there were eight tables in the basement of our little church.

Over the last twelve years it has grown to between 35-40 tables and we now hold it in the gymnasium. The programs have gotten better and we have been able to raise a lot of money for local charities. Not only that… it is meant to put us ladies in the right holiday spirit for this (hectic) season.

Here are my three tables this year. I didn’t make any new centerpieces – due to those mice – but used ones I’ve already made in past years.

The mosaic tree – with my friend Sandy’s beautiful dishes. You can’t tell very well in this photo, but the tree lights up.

The critter tree – this one I made two years ago. See about that here. And you’ll see a photo of the boys and Dave like the one above… it’s amazing how much they can grow in two short years!

And this vase with clear marbles and snowflakes. I kind of through this one together at the last-minute when there was a need for another table. It turned out nice with the silver and white.

JJ and Guy helped me set up Saturday night. They were such a big help. After carrying in all the boxes of dishes and decorations for me, they actually got into helping me set the tables and decorate. They were treated to a Fratista Freeze (at Taco Bell) after all that! 🙂

Since the theme of the event this year was “An Old Fashioned Christmas”, we had one of our church members who collects old cars, bring in this 1958 (? I think that’s what I heard.) Chevy.

In the lobby was my old window with the painting, I did last week, in it. Dave spent a good part of that day trying to figure out how to light it up. The three (battery) candles that I planned on being enough light – weren’t. It turned out pretty good I think.

Now, the little white spots in it are from the Christmas trees that were across from it. Here is a shot with flash to show what the painting  looks like.

And here is a photo that a guy took for one of my friends on her cell phone for her. I just love it!

Wish I had taken it with a good camera. It’s a bit blurry – but so sweet!

I was so happy that all the ladies showed up for my tables and seemed to enjoy themselves. I don’t know for sure how much money we made for the two charities, but every little bit helps these days, so I know that they will be grateful.

Thank you ladies. And a big thank you to Sandy, and her mom Julia, for inviting their friends too!

Oh, and the little mice were a big hit. One lady (I didn’t know) came up and gave me a big hug and said that she collected magnets and she just loved this one! Another lady hugged me and thanked me for the time I took to make them and that she truly appreciated it. That was so nice! The fact that the ladies liked them makes it all worthwhile.

However, I’ve told everyone that I could, that I won’t be making 300 of anything next year! For all the money I’ve spent on the chiropractor, I could  have bought everyone a real nice ornament!

Anyway, it was a nice evening, but I’m very glad it’s behind me! Today was spent doing a whole lot of dishes and putting them away! Before I could get that finished I had a chiropractor appointment, and then piano lessons for JJ and Harris… and when I got home from those I found that Gerrit was sick. 😦 (Darren was already home sick from work.) So… guess how we’ll spend our Thanksgiving? LOL. It’s all good… tis the season!

Here are a couple of other photos that I really like.

The boys and their Miss Sandy!! Love it!

And the boys with me, just as we were leaving to head over. They had complained SO much about having to wear a tie and tuck in their shirts! You’d think they could handle it one day a year!! But after it was over they both said it was good and it went quick. They said it wasn’t near as bad as they had remembered!!

And this shot… after their dad said “hey, do you have a vest to go with this tie?” something from the Napoleon Dynamite movie. And he said it in the perfect voice!

I sure wish I had listened to my child and done my hair different. 😦 Too late. He was right though. It was just “weird”! I guess this shows you how “fashion” challenged I am… taking advice (or not) from a nine-year old… boy! All I knew is that I wanted it up out of my face for the night. I didn’t want to keep having to take it out of my mouth! It did look better in the back though.

 Hopefully, I will be able to make some new centerpeices for next year. I already have more ideas than time… and have half of the materials for three of them! Time. Just time. That’s all I need.






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8 responses to “Wheewh… It’s Over!

  1. Sandy

    A Truly Amazing evening………all the ladies enjoyed it. Mom and I now have people asking us when it is and if they can get a spot………………it does put your heart in a good place to begin the Christmas season. Thanks for sharing this with me and letting me share it with others…………love you!

  2. I blogged about your lovely little gift of the mice today on my blog!

    Once more I wish to tell you Thank- you so much for sending the precious little mice to me. They made my day!

  3. Your creativity amazes me! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

    Oh, and I LOVE your hair! I was just thinking, “She still has her hair dark; it looks so pretty.” 🙂

  4. Kristin

    Oh, how fun — but I know that was exhausting. Your boys look so handsome and I LOVE your window painting!! You are so talented. The whole event looks wonderful and you all do a great job. Nice photos, too. 🙂

  5. I wanted to stop by and tell you I thought those mice you gave away were absolutely adorable!

    What a wonderful idea for a charity fund raiser. The tables were beautiful. I have about six of those nine-pane windows in my studio. One day I plan on painting them. It was nice to see an example of one.

    Your boys look devastatingly handsome in those shirts and ties. Add those genuine grins and I’m sure you are having to beat the girls back with sticks. LOL

    Lovely blog!


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