JJ’s Creations

As I mentioned in an earlier post, whenever JJ “helped” me with the clay mice, he’d end up making his own little creations instead of actually making the stink’en mice! Now that I’m all done with them, and I had some extra clay… I’m letting him loose with it. Here are some of his creations.

Now let me first tell you that these creatures are not original. He has copied these characters from games and stuff. He has pictures of these by him as he sculpts them. And I did help him with attaching some of the appendages – and did some of the painting. But he did the majority of it.

He makes up games for he and his brothers to play, and they use all these wonderful little guys (and more) plus he has made dice, and other “items” for you to collect in the game. It’s so neat to hear them laughing and playing together down in the den… and knowing that they are using their creativity too! Gott’a love it!

 Some of you may know this blue guy… Sonic the Hedgehog.

This little cutie is Olimar.

And the pink dude is Kirby.

That’s all I know. I’ve seen them for years around here… but couldn’t really tell you what games or whatever they’re from!

I am so looking forward to whatever it is that JJ is going to become! I’m sure it will be something creative. If not an artist, then maybe a chef. He does still enjoy cooking. And really enjoys watching the cooking channel with me! 🙂 Good times!






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  1. He does take after you, doesn’t he! I wish I had talent, but I’m so very glad you do!


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