Bites (Pretzel), Burns and Breaks

I sit here at my computer after spending most of the day in the kitchen and now still not having anything ready for dinner! 😦 Don’t ya just hate it when that happens. Now I’m too tired to cook dinner.

We did have a good time in the kitchen today. It was “Kids in the Kitchen” day at our house. And with the exception of the smoke alarm going off a few times, not enough counter space to work on, a broken dish, and a ruined batch of Cracker Candy… it was all good!


Harrison didn’t get to take part in the preparations, but he did get to eat pretzels! He is down with a bad cold. Probably the same one that Dave, Darren and Gerrit already had. JJ and I are hanging on to our health with dear life! We’re taking our vitamins, eating lots of garlic, drinking lots of tea… and hoping for the best! 😉

We tried something new today. Soft pretzels! YUMMMMY! Just in the mood for them I guess! I found the recipe for these on This site has some great looking recipes on it. I can’t wait to try more of them.

They were delicious!

I have major issues with my oven. It’s evil. It is determined to ruin whatever I’m baking. It’s like a gamble every time I try to bake. So, I was very happy to get these to come out nice and golden brown. Well… most of them. We did burn some stuff along the way today – hence the smoke alarm! Maybe I should ask Santa for a new oven this Christmas. Think he can get it down the chimney? 🙂 I think it’s about time I get one though… we’ve been in this house for 8 years now and it was horrible when we moved in… still horrible… even after the repairman tried his best.

We also gave-a-go at making the traditional shaped pretzels. They turned out okay, but were much harder to make. After a few of them… we opted for the pretzel bites! But after seeing how they turned out, I may try those again next time.

(This photo is thanks to JJ – he’s got a good eye – eh?)


The boys LOVED them. They actually liked them better than the ones you’d buy at a ball game or fair. (Not that they’ve eaten many from those places… but enough to compare I guess.)

We managed to save one pretzel for Dad. However he’s not home from work yet… so… it’s still in danger of disappearing. mmmwhaaaa!

The Cracker Candy is a Holiday Tradition around here. The problem for me with making it is… I eat it. I love this stuff. I call it Poor Mans Almond Rocha! Not as refined… but almost just as tasty.

You could probably google the name and find a recipe for it. (Just be sure it’s a recipe that uses soda crackers and not graham crackers. Big taste difference. You want the sweet and the salty.) It’s not my own, although for any of you with our cookbook, you can find it in there. (If anyone can’t find it and wants it – just leave me a message here and I’ll send it to you.)

Oh, the yum. It’s just too much yum to resist.

Thankfully, I’ve got most of it in gift boxes already! Now we have to get it out of here and to the recipients quickly. If it stays around too long then the gift boxes are in danger of “accidentally” tipping over and opening up. “Oop… now they are ruined. Need to eat these and just make more for the neighbors!”

I can feel my jeans becoming tighter just thinking about eating all that cracker candy. 😦

Maybe I need a treadmill more than I need an oven. Not any easier to get down the chimney… but…

Anyway… it’s been a fun day. JJ, Harrison, and I also made some more clay creatures. It is an addiction… I know. Is there a program for this? Will you be my accountability partner?

Hey… life is short. These boys will be men one of these days and they won’t want to sit with mom and make clay creatures anymore. I’ve got to do it with them while I can!!

We have much more candy and cookies to make for friends and neighbors, but that will have to be another day. Back off to the kitchen to come up with a dinner now. Everyone will be home tonight – so Cheerios is out of the question.




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