Can it Really Be True?

Can this precious first-born child of mine actually be twenty-three today? I just don’t see how it is possible. I just don’t see how that much time has passed since he was like…like… this adorable toddler.

And actually, he was my tiniest baby at 6lbs 5oz. Which didn’t last very long! He grew so much so fast that at two years old, his pediatrician had to keep looking back at his birth date and his current weight and height… shaking his head and saying, “Wow! He is big. He is really big!”

(He was always in the 110 – 120th percentile of his age group.)

He was such a sweet, sweet little guy. So happy and loving. Barely gave me a moment’s trouble.

(I think I posted these same photos last year for his birthday. I need to scan in some different ones!)

I am very proud of the young man that he has become.

Happy Birthday Sweet Darren!

May your future be filled with adventure, peace, love, and contentment.

Much love,






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One response to “Can it Really Be True?

  1. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    Happy Birthday, dude!! You are growing way too fast !! Stay the same old sweet yourself. We love you!!
    Kaoru is dying to tell you that he has got his first cell phone for an early
    Christmas present. If he tell you himself, please pretend that you did not hear from me. He also got his school’s approval to be recommended for the school he wants to go yesterday. They even had a committee to make that decision. This does not mean he passed yet, we will see.. There are some more back up plans. Have a super day!!

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