Me? The Grinch?

Naw… not me!

The Grinch stole Christmas. I don’t want to steal Christmas… I just want to postpone Christmas.

Not for long. Just a week or maybe two.


Could ya’all hang with that?

Yea. I figured.

Ah well… I tried.

As you can probably figure out, I’m behind. I’m so behind I think I see… mine!

The boys have all been sick. This last week was awful. JJ and Gerrit were down. Down I tell you. Down on the couch… like all week. THAT IS NOT NORMAL for them!

Harrison had it last-last week and was much better this week, but he kind’of got to ride on the back of their (night) shirt tails this week and get out of school too. Lucky little rascal.

The husband was gone all week and I was busy being medicine woman  nurse, witch doctor  cook and maid  loving, attentive mommy. So, I didn’t get much “Christmas” stuff (shopping, baking, wrapping, etc.) done at all.

One thing I did manage to accomplish, besides making a mess, is that I got four care packages put together for soldiers. I was very happy to have gotten that done and get them in the mail. They were filled with snacks, Christmas candy, note paper and pens, chapstick, playing cards, a small sewing kit, a small devotional book, gum, mints, trail mix, beef jerky and some drawings the boys did. Plus a note and our Christmas card.

I know the parents of one of those soldiers, and they supplied me with the names of the other three that they found out have not gotten any mail at all. It felt good to do something like that for a small fraction of our soldiers who keep us safe. I just wish I could send something to all of them.

Well, today I did get out of this tissue filled house and do some shopping. The only problem was… I am now getting their crud. I’ve been putting up a good fight all week. Doing all the right things to prevent it. But when you have three boys smothering you with their snot  loving selves… ya really don’t have much of a chance!

Funny thing is, even as I have not one gift wrapped or under the tree, the neighbors are still treatless, the gingerbread house kit is still in the box – unadorned, and there are NO sugar cookies even being considered to be created, I’m okay with it. I’m not frantic or stressed… not flustered or cranky… good. Really. I’m good with it! I’m just going with the flow (of snot).

And now… as the NyQuil starts to take over my mind… I will sign off with a Christmas wish for every one of you.

I wish for you… that you will be able to truly feel and experience the REAL meaning of Christmas this year! Stop and smell the… fruitcake or _____________ (insert your favorite treat – not that mine is fruitcake mind you… I don’t even think I’ve ever had it… but you know… just pick something you like the smell of… blah-blah… you get it! (NyQuil talking! Sorry.)) …so-to-speak!




 P.S. remember… the green guy gave it all back at the end!



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