Christmas Greetings

I hope it’s okay, with my dear friends in Japan, that I share with all of you their sweet Christmas Greetings featuring Kaoru on his violin. We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments in life! I remember well, when he was about five years old, just starting out on the violin.


If memory serves me right, I shared him playing a song last year too. I love that I have a way to show all my friends and family video of “my other son”!

For those of you who haven’t been with my blog long, Kaoru and his parents became our neighbors when we first moved here to Georgia. Let’s see… that would be about 13 years ago now! Wow. Anyway, Kaoru would come over to our house almost every day after preschool and play with my boys. At the time, Darren was about 10, Kaoru was about 3, Gerrit was about 2, JJ was just a baby and Harrison wasn’t even considered yet. (It just occurred to me that Darren was the age Harrison is now when we met them. My, my… how the time has flown.)

(Final goodbye’s before they moved back to Japan. 2001)

Our friendship has grown over the years and although they eventually had to move back to Japan, we remain close friends. My boys consider Kaoru their “other brother”, and Kaoru feels the same about them!

Kaoru comes back to stay with us for a few weeks every summer (until this last one… 😦 He had to stay home and study for tests to get into High School. ) and I always look forward to his violin practicing while he is here! One year (photo below), he played for us out at Branndan’s lake. It was awesome!

So, without any further a due… a Christmas Greeting from Kaoru and his parents Yuji & Nagisa.

Thank you for sharing that with us Kaoru! We miss you and love you all very much.




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