Stumbling into Gratefulness

Christmas has passed,

And we’ve thanked the Good Lord,

For coming to save us,

And for keeping us warm.


Now the kitchen’s a mess

There’s a stain on the chair,

The checkbook is empty

And the tree looks quite bare.


Trash bags are stuffed

With ripped paper and bows,

The coffee table’s littered,

With crumbs and fake snow.


We have food in abundance,

There are treats everywhere.

Some will go stale,

Or more weight we’ll ensnare.


Neighbors were greeted,

Good friends entertained.

Cards went out early,

And laundry maintained.


Forgot turkey to thaw,

So had “beast” done just right.

Cindy Lou Who would have

Been proud of this night.


Was this a celebration

Of the day of Christ’s birth?

Or was it about money

And the ways of this earth?


I somehow feel used,

And exhausted to boot.

This can’t  be to His glory

This rush and this loot.


The feeling of “goodness”

Is short-lived at best.

It leaves me quite lacking,

And longing for rest.


It’s meant to take slower

And be spent with loved ones.

Not rushing around

With long lists to be done.


As this year ends,

And comes to a close,

Please help me remember

These choices I chose.


May I learn to love more,

And fuss less over bows,

Hand out more smiles

And not worry about shows.


My family I love.

I’m grateful for much.

Their happy and healthy

And close to the touch.


Jesus is the reason

And He came here so humble,

So the least I can do

Is try not to grumble.





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2 responses to “Stumbling into Gratefulness

  1. joanne

    Love this, dear friend. I share your musings about the value of the activities versus the sheer enjoyment of love and laughter and joy and Jesus. Thanks for the encouragement to keep seeking.


  2. Awesome poem, hi-d. Great reminder to keep our focus in the right place.

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