Snowed/Iced In

Well, I guess I lied to y’all when I said that I’d get pictures up in the morning. Here it’s been two days and I still don’t have them up.

Above you can see Dave’s car encased in ice. It was THICK yesterday.

(crusty, crunchy ice)

I didn’t get those super wonderful shots that I had hoped to acquire. There turned out to be more ice than snow. The small amount of snow and then ice that did fall, has however, disabled the south.

We have not been able to get a car up the hill at the end of our driveway even if we wanted to go anywhere. Dave did manage to get out this afternoon, with the truck, to make a run to the grocery store for some more eggs. (We already went through the three dozen I purchased before the storm!) He said once out on the main road it was pretty decent to drive on. But the store shelves were very bare and they closed the store at 4 pm. The delivery trucks just can’t get here to replenish the shelves – so they are running out of food.

This really makes me aware of how dependant we are. I don’t like it. I want my own chickens, my own cow, my own garden, etc…

(Chipping off the ice)

We’ll be fine this time around. We are stocked and still have electricity. Plenty of dog and cat food, peanut butter and now eggs! It’s actually been a good family bonding time. Darren (my oldest) has been home too, since his college is closed and so far he hasn’t been able to get to work since Sunday night. That night was hard on me. The storm was just starting on Sunday evening, but by the time Darren got off work at 11 pm, it had already caused all kinds of mayhem out on the roadways. I was a nervous WRECK until he made it home safely.

One of the “disadvantages” of homeschooling (my boys would tell you) is that we don’t have to miss any school! But please… I DO have a heart. I let them have yesterday off – but since it is hard ice out in the yard instead of fun snow… we had school today and will for the rest of the week. No sence in wasting days off that we could spend down at the beach later on in the year. If I have to be indoors – might as well get some school’en in.

The dogs are handling this weather just fine. The only problem for Jetta is that, because of her age, she can’t walk on the ice very well. Poor girl. But the good thing is that they have a wonderfully warm bedroom (in the shop) that is heated nice and toasty.

I have all my chicks in the nest. We’re warm and safe, and have plenty of things to do to keep busy.




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  1. You look like us now. I’ll bet the ‘fun’ has worn off. And I think I saw more was heading your way.


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