We are finally seeing the ice melt – after a full week of it hanging out with us. I know folks that live in this sort of weather every winter scoff at our surprise to still have it on the ground, but you have to understand that the “south” just isn’t used to this much snow and ice, let alone have it stick for so long.

We didn’t get above freezing temps until Friday when our high was 44*. And yesterday too, was a beautiful and sunny day, so we had a lot of the ice melt.

Look how much is still on our back deck though. And it came down a week ago today. No snow or ice has stayed around this long since we’ve lived here in Georgia (13 years). It’s usually gone in a day or two – maybe three.

I had to chip my car out on Friday to get the boys to their piano lesson. After we got out on the road we noticed that it wasn’t nearly as bad out there! We live amongst a lot of shade and kind’of have a low laying lot – which makes it a bit colder – so we had much more ice on our property.

Harris is the only one who really got any good use out of  the stuff. He went out almost every day and played in it. He’s got the scratches to prove that it is hard ice and not soft lovely snow! But that didn’t stop him. Look at these rosy cold cheeks!

(Yes… I do realize that you can hardly see his eyes anymore. 😦 But he has begged and pleaded to let it grow out beyond his eyes – and he has been doing better about combing it and keeping it clean (always my long hair condition)… sooooo, I’m giving him a chance. It’s only hair. And to be honest… (heehee) it’s a good leverage to have under my belt. “You better blah, blah, blah… or… or… I’ll give you a crew cut.” I know, I’m bad. 🙂 But it works.)

Everything should get back to normal tomorrow. The schools will be back in session, the grocery stores are stocking back up, gas is being delivered to the stations (albeit more expensive), and folks are getting back to work… but I do believe this storm will stay in the minds of Georgians for a long time to come!





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3 responses to “Meltdown

  1. Well, the snow melt will be good for the ground and the water table. At least you can say that. Spring is probably on you now…we have weeks and weeks to go.


    • Yes, we should have a good water table this summer. But I don’t think Spring is on us here just yet. Being only January, I think we have a ways to go before that! It will be very welcomed this year however.

  2. We moved from an area that was hit fairly hard by the storm (no school for a week) to the deep south where we didn’t get a flake! I was jealous of the snow for one day and then I was relieved that we weren’t snowed in.

    I like your son’s hair but I like your attitude about it better. It IS only hair and that is a pretty tame way to establish individuality.

    Keep warm!

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