Sharing The Love…

…and I do mean love!

I love everything about this… this thing I’m going to tell you about. I love that my son loves it. I love that we can do it together. I love that he takes after me (in many ways – bless his poor little heart). I love the colors. I love the process. I love the feel of them, and I love the fact that I can share them with you!

More of JJ’s creations.

I love them.

Did I already mention that? Sorry. But I just do.

This boy has so much fun sculpting them. He is so intent. Then he carefully bakes them. The painting part is harder for him because he’s very colorblind, but with help from mom and little brother (the only one of the boys who is NOT colorblind), he gets the right jars of paint. He does ask for assistance from me to paint the eyes on most of the characters, and I am more than happy to help! Because… like I said… I love them! And him!

It’s fun, rewarding, and thrilling to watch him work.

Here are all 25 he’s done so far.




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5 responses to “Sharing The Love…

  1. Those are awesome! Great job, JJ!

    Heidi, I’m guessing you use Sculpy clay from your tagline. What kind of paints do you use? I’d like to try this with my crew.

    • Yes Michelle, I use Super Sculpy. It’s the best clay I’ve found – but for kids – you may want to use the regular sculpy. It’s softer.
      The paint is just any old acrylic paint. I use the craft paints, but if you only have the tube kind you could make that work by adding a touch of white to some of the colors (that are translucent). But… those 99 cent bottles of craft paint are fine.
      Then… the sealant is a sculpy product too. It’s optional, but if they make and paint a wonderful peice you might want to preserve it with sealant.
      Hope that helps Michelle!

  2. WOW! He is really good! I’m glad he takes after you!


  3. How cute. He has such imagination.

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