Cherished Chaos in the Kitchen: Memories of a Meal Preparation

There is just something about cooking together with my kids that makes me crazy-happy. It’s SO chaotic (in our little kitchen), and yet so fun. I’m exhausted and a space cadet when I’m done, but… we laugh as we bump into each other, gasp as a spoon full of cake batter gets accidentally flipped up into the air and spatters the cupboards with yellow dots of yummy-goodness. At times, we’re all talking at once. We talk about past occasions in the kitchen, discuss healthy and unhealthy foods or delicious recipes that we remember making together in the past.

And cook’en in our jammies too!

I just LOVE it!

JJ made this dessert  all by himself. And it was faaaaantastic!

Gerrit made our favorite salad dressing. (buttermilk-cilantro!)

 And Harrison helped me fry eggplant for Eggplant Parmesan. He did a great job of dipping & dredging them, and keeping the frying pan full.

The kitchen was a complete mess when we were through – but the time spent messing it up was worth millions!

We took our meal over to some very special friends house (who had just rolled into town after being gone for two years) and enjoyed it with them while we got caught up. It was so nice.

Not only was it great to see them… but we got to meet the newest member of their family. Baby Ashley! And yes… I was in hog heaven! (I don’t get that phrase, “hog” heaven… but whatever) I was a VERY happy “Aunt Heidi”!! (not allowed to show pictures of her – and I totally understand – but trust me, she’s PERFECT!) 🙂 I am now having trouble concentrating on anything because she is just 20 minutes away from me… and… and well… I want her.


It was a gooooood day.



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2 responses to “Cherished Chaos in the Kitchen: Memories of a Meal Preparation

  1. Big Daddy

    ANd that was the BEST eggplant parmesan ever! Thanks!

    Ashley’s Dad

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