Hawk Hollow

(AKA: Crow Canyon)

My brother Rick picked me up from the San Fransisco airport last week and drove me over to San Ramon and his new place. It’s only about a mile from his work in one direction, and all the amenities of town, about a mile in the other direction. And yet he gets to look out his windows and see this.


I just love his place. It’s actually like a loft apartment above a barn. It’s just one big open room with a counter and sink for the kitchen, and a bathroom in the corner, with an old clawfoot tub.

Did I mention he has great views?

We were sitting on his back porch catching up with each other, when two hawks started circling around in front of us. They would come so close to us, that we could see their eyes looking us over. It was the neatest thing. I was really wishing I had brought my good camera. I left it at home in an attempt to travel light. It might be over-rated.

 Sometime in the Spring I want to head back out to Ricks and give his little apartment a “makeover”. It has such potential to be a real cute little place inside. He has the ability to see “potential” and execute it when it comes to yards (landscaping), buildings, or anything outdoors, but not so much in the house! So, sister to the rescue! Even though I’m not that good at it myself… I’m excited about it and looking for neat ideas to make his place comfy and cozy.

He’s a great guy and I sure enjoyed my time with him.

And I’m so glad he finally found his “home”!




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