Birthday Surprise

After a day with my brother Rick, I headed up to the Napa Valley in my little rental car (which was just wonderful!) to see, first, my mom. It happened to be her 79th birthday that day!

She didn’t know I was in the state. I like to keep my trips low-key because I can’t always get around to seeing everyone. I don’t like leaving anyone out, but there is just never enough time. Of course, I try hardest to see my immediate family, and given that it was her birthday, well… I was looking forward to surprising her.

I’d called her up to wish her a happy birthday, as I rolled into Yountville, Wednesday morning, and had her on the phone still as I walked in her apartment door! She thought it was very odd that she could hear two of me! Of course she cried and cried. It was nice to surprise her like that, but I’m going to have to be careful not to give her a heart attack in the future! At least I was close enough to catch her!

One of the things she was telling me on the phone, as I was driving up, was that she had lost her check book and banking info. She asked that I pray for her to be able to find it. She had been looking for it for about a week, and was starting to panic. (She is legally blind.) I immediately prayed that I would find it, and find it quick, so that we wouldn’t have to waste much of our time together looking for it.

After our hugs and tears, and me having to fess up that I didn’t fly all the way out there just to see her on her birthday, I asked her exactly what we were looking for. As she was describing it to me… I found it! In her defense, it was in an odd place, and if I were almost completely blind, I wouldn’t have found it either! She was SO grateful and, of course, more tears. Tears of joy – for sure. God answered that prayer very quickly!

(You may wonder how she can even use a checkbook if she is that blind. I know… it is amazing… but she uses this machine that she can put anything under it and it magnifies it to whatever size she needs. It is awesome. I even was able to share some videos of the boys that I had taken on my little camera before I left. I just held it under that machine. I don’t know how good she see’s even with that, but it’s good enough to read and write some. Technology is amazing.)

That left us the whole afternoon to catch up. We had lunch and then attended a birthday celebration they had in the afternoon, at her retirement center, for all the January birthdays. It was nice to meet some of the folks that she so often tells me about.

The time went all too quickly, and before she knew it I was telling her goodbye. That was hard. She made a comment about me only being there five minutes, to which I pointed out that it had  actually been five hours, and lets just be happy we had that! All-in-all, it was a very good visit.

So, then I hit the road to Windsor. Not a good time to navigate the Highway 29 traffic! What should have taken me 45 minutes, ended up taking almost two hours! Apparently, I took the long-cut!

I’m getting close to telling you about the real reason for my California trip.

More later.





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