Piano Police & New “Baby”

I’m having to police the piano practices this morning. I know. I didn’t think I’d have to do that anymore, but at lesson yesterday, it was very apparent that there is some, skimping on some areas of practice, going on. I’ve always had the opinion that, if I hear “music” coming from the piano, that they were doing their lessons and I could be getting my morning chores done! I guess that’s not altogether a great way to go. So, as much as I enjoy writing to y’all, I’m not real thrilled that my morning chores are waiting for me while I sit here and listen (and watch) the boys practice. (And I thought they were tough as toddlers!)

But… while I am here, let me show you the newest addition to our family.

This kitty is here to replace the loss of Harrison’s first “baby” Kiki, who sadly, never fully recovered (mentally) from her mauling last April. It was all very sad, but life.

The new kitty is six months old and now named Ahmi. It is short for some long Japanese word that means something like unextinguishable black fire. My boys…  and their love for all things Japanese! 🙂

This is what she looks like when she’s sitting. Seriously! The long skinny neck and all.

She has turned out to be a very cool little kitty. The first few days were rough – but aren’t they with any new critter? Now she is calm and loving and sleeps with Harrison at night! Lulu and Tang have not made “friends” with her per say. But their, passing by each other, has gotten closer and closer… and with less hissing!

So, now each of the younger boys has a “baby” of his very own to love and take care of. It is all good (as long as I never have to do the litter boxes!).





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One response to “Piano Police & New “Baby”

  1. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    My heartfelt welcome to your new kitty, I hope to meet her soon.
    She reminds me of my old one that did not make it back home.
    The one that is still with us has got quite frail, we were worried and finally sneaked her out of the apartment (thrilling experience) to a vet. Now she is eating better, but has decided to eat expensive food. She is one seriously SPOILED kitty. I need to ask Kaoru about Ahmi, but it sounds cute.
    About music lesson, I still have to remind Kaoru after all these years to practice his fiddle. but believe me after a while, it will be one way for them to let out their stress. I can tell that Kaoru is keyed up if he is at his piano and banging on it! I sure hope he will remember to practice fiddle in his dorm. No, he has not moved yet, but I have been doing lots of image training. Just getting used to the idea. My regards to Ahmi!!

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