A Day in the Kitchen

After spending all day in the kitchen (and laundry room) I didn’t have any dinner ready when Dave came home. I just hate it when I do that! He had to work today, and since there is no school tomorrow, I decided to get some cooking done today, instead of lesson plans.

Well, that’s not entirely true. You see…

…it all started when I decided to clean out the refrigerator this morning, after I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. The counters were all cleaned off and I though I better get that ugly job done before I had to think about making lunch. But then it struck me that I have been wanting to make more seitan (a gluten-type-fake-meat stuff), and thought I should get that going so it can simmer while I clean out the fridge.

(Oriental flavor & Chicken flavor Seitan)

I got two batches of seitan going… and as I was cleaning up the Kitchen Aid Mixer (that I got for a steal), I thought, while I have this all out, I better make the kids some Fire Cakes. They have been asking for them recently.

So, I got a big batch of those started in the oven.

Then, while cleaning that up… and the last batch is in the oven, I decide that I should utilize the mixer AND the heated oven and get a batch of soft pretzels going. (Somehow, forgetting about the labor involvement that go with these.) So… I get that mess started.

I must have lost track of time, because Dave calls me and said he was on his way home. Shhhhoooot. I’ve got gluten, fire cakes, (and soon) soft pretzels… that’s no dinner… and I’m tired!

Dave stops at the store (sweetie) and picks up some hot dogs (even though we don’t eat them often, I thought they would go good with soft pretzels) and potato salad.

By the time the pretzels are done and dinner is finished… and the kitchen is cleaned up again… I’ve still got a dirty refrigerator!


But, it will have to wait until another day, because I’m pooped and now enjoying some time on the couch!




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2 responses to “A Day in the Kitchen

  1. Anonymous

    YUCK! Fake meat? Gross. Weirdo. 🙂

    • Yes… admittedly, I am a weirdo! But it’s only gross if you don’t know what to do with it! Besides… I’m saving a lot of money when I use it instead of meat to feed this hungry bunch a boys! (and I know who you are anonymous!!!) 🙂

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