Around Here Lately

It’s been very busy around here lately. We’ve been having BEAUTIFUL weather and any spare moment is spent outside – soaking up the (much missed) sunshine.

The new kitty, Ahmi, is doing just fine. She loves being with the boys and still sleeps with Harrison at night with no problems. The other two cats have accepted her now and we even caught them all playing together some. We couldn’t be happier with her. (It’s just been hard to get a good picture of her. She’s not the little diva that Lulu is!)

Last night I took the boys to a play at a local high school. A sweet teenage girl from our church was in it, and although she has been in many plays, I’ve never made it to any of them. This one was the Helen Keller story. We did a short study on Helen Keller this year, and so were looking forward to seeing this.

Not only was a great story, the kids did a fantastic job of acting. Our little friend, Iliana, played Helen and did such a wonderful job of portraying her that I got all emotional! I just can’t even explain to you how good it was. I was in awe. She had the head movements, the arched back fingers and flailing hands… everything… right down to a tee. I used to work with the blind and deaf, and I am very familiar to their specific movements and gestures. She was spot on. I was so proud of her.

Iliana is going places with that talent of hers!

The boys enjoyed the play as well. For four boys, ranging in age from 9 – 23, to be captivated and say that they enjoyed it, is really something! They talked about it all the way home and then some today too. I wish everyone I know could have seen it. Those teen just did such a remarkable job. It made me think that I need to get the boys to more plays and functions like that. They never want to go… but then end up enjoying it after all. I need to get better about taking them to stuff like that.

On another note, my sweet little lizard, Rocky, died this week. I know, she was just a little wild lizard, and I didn’t have her all that long. But, I liked her and I just feel bad that she died on my watch. I never take the death of a little critter very well. I’m too much the softy, I guess.

The boys were very sweet to me after she died, and while patting me and hugging me, they reassured me that they would find me another lizard soon! So cute.

Figured out that a lot of my migraines must be due to my neck and back. After a few weeks of not making it to the chiropractor and struggling with this head of mine, I got in this last week, and feel MUCH better now. I will try to stay on top of that better!

We are making plans to begin another building project. The hope is to start construction on a chicken coop soon. I can hardly wait!

I also have big plans to get that stinking pond finished. But I’ve had those before. We’ll see.



Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. 
~Helen Keller


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