Too Busy Having Fun to Post

Thankfully, my lack of posting is due to enjoying good weather and lots of outdoor projects!

As you can see by the new header, we have also enjoyed a recent trip to the Georgia Aquarium in celebration of Harrison’s birthday. He will turn ten on Saturday. My baby… TEN! Say it aint so.

I won’t post aquarium pictures tonight, or any others either tonight… I just came in from spending a wonderful evening out by the fire with my soon to be ten-year old, and am now heading out to the hot tub with him! I’m going to soak up all the time that I can while he still wants to be with me! He is a talker… and I know one day that may slow down too… so I cherish the crazy questions and exaggerated stories that so easily come out of him at this age. He’s the best thing… ever! (Except when he’s driving me crazy! 😉 )

He hugged me and thanked me for hanging out with him and indulging him in a campfire – even when the rest of the family didn’t want to join us. Little does he know… I LOVE playing with fire, and sitting around in the dirt, with poker sticks, in my boots and dirty jeans… just talking. That’s the life!

So… I will catch up with my posting another time… when my baby doesn’t want to play with me.




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