Spreading bags of dirt & manure in the garden: $100

Sitting in the dirt around a backyard campfire: $0

Soaking in the hot tub (with non-stop chatter about everything from climbing trees in heaven, to transformers!): $0

Spending all that time with my soon-to-be-ten “baby”: PRICELESS 


And he was having such a good time “hanging out” with his mom that he wanted to “camp out” in the guest room with me. He had big plans of continuing our conversation… but conked out within minutes! Bless his, still-yet-9-year-old, little heart. He had a very long and wonderful day.

He told me that this was the best “birthweek” ever!


Oh… to be nine ten again.

Now to move his sleeping big’ol boy body over to his own side of the bed. Ugh.

(Their so cute when they sleep!)




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