A Wealth of Knowledge

It has gotten a lot cooler today than it has been recently. It was cloudy and windy, but perfect for working outside (for me anyway). I got the rest of the dirt in the garden box, and got a couple of flowers potted. I moved the fire pit woodpile over a bit and made some benches out of cinder blocks and old boards. Filled in a couple of deep holes, that it’s a wonder no one has broken a leg in yet, and cleaned up, filled & staked the cheap-old tiki torches that we put around the fire pit area.

Harrison and I were planning to have another fire tonight, but didn’t get the chance. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow night we will get one then… I promised.

After a “quick” (it’s never quick) run to the grocery store, I cooked beans and spanish rice this afternoon, and chopped up all the veggies for haystacks. (It’s like a tostada supreme, but over chips and eaten with a fork. Think mexican buffet. A great meal for a crowd!)

We had a couple that knows all about gardens and chickens over for dinner so that they could fill us in on what we needed to do – and how to do it. Oh, and WHEN to do it. It was incredible! Larry smelled the dirt in the garden box (that took us three tips to Lowes for dirt to fill) and told us just what it needed. Twila told me I was planning on too many chickens and that they would be happier and lay better if there weren’t so many. She also helped me with the coop design, and solutions to a couple of potential problems. They were a wealth of knowledge, and pointed us in the right directionS. We are overwhelmed with information – but super excited about it at the same time!

Oh, I’ve posted about them before… when the kids took a field trip to their little farm and got in bee suits… and helped Larry check the bees! You can read about that awesome little trip here. They are SO great.

Babysitting a two and four-year old this afternoon as well, made it a very full day for me. But I loved every minute of it! These two little boys are just precious. They are baby Elijah’s big brothers, and we even got some time with Elijah when he and his mama got back from their latest CAT scan. He is doing well, and the spots in his lungs that were in question may just be scar tissue. They will check him again next month and see how they look. He is such a cute, happy and active little boy! For a little person that has gone through so much, it is truly amazing that he is as happy and content as he is. I feel the same about his mom… she is amazing.

Well, off to get some sleep now… I will be dreaming of vegetables and chickens, and the fact that I will no longer have any little boys in the single digits. 😦

It’s all good, and I thank God everyday for entrusting me with four – let alone one – of His awesome creatures called offspring.






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