A Little Help – in PJ’s!

Just as the weather was starting to turn wet and cold last week, I had the boys help me get the last of the dirt I needed, down to the garden box. I didn’t realize they were doing this in their PJ’s, but as soon as I noticed, I went and got the camera!

Silly boys.


 The garden box is filled with enough dirt now, and I just planted my first crop today!


We will have to see how the dogs do before I plant too much. I have found them digging and making a soft, cozy bed in the garden box this week. They were sternly reprimanded today for even going near the box. I don’t want to have to put up a fence, but that will be my next step if they can’t stay out of it.

 I can’t wait for it to warm up again. We were just teased with a  little taste of Spring, and then slammed back into Winter! At least it got us moving on some project preparations.

Next project planned… chicken coop.

What spring projects do you have up your sleeve?




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