Sunny Day Eggs

So delighted that Harris took it upon himself to make our Sunday morning “Super Breakfast”. Normally, Daddy makes a big “super breakfast” for all of us, while I start in on laundry and lesson plans and have a break from the kitchen. But this last Sunday, he had lots to get started on outside, so we told the kids to fend for themselves that morning.

Harris looked disappointed, so I told him he could make his famous “sunny day” eggs if he wanted. He has called them that for a long time. I guess we should have told him the correct name (sunny side up) now that he is ten, but I think I like his name better!

He made up a plate for each one of us. An egg with a buttered waffle. So sweet.

He really did a good job.

I like it that my boys like to cook now and then. But, I need to work on the cleaning up the kitchen after you cook part.




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