Brain Drain

It’s one of those posts.

One where I realize I’ve fallen so far behind with what’s happening that there is no neat and orderly way of catching back up. Hence “brain drain”. I’ll just give you the rundown.

At least I warned you!

Two weeks ago I was getting some of my garden in and working on other outdoor projects. It was beautiful weather, and made it very difficult to get any good days of school in!


We were also getting ready to go on our annual vacation to Vero Beach in Florida with some good friends. This time we had the newest addition on the trip… a four-month old baby girl who was absolutely the best baby ever!

(She is covered up in my photos at parents request.)

Dave ate some bad oysters (or something) the first day we were there… and he was sick almost the whole  time. He was ushered to Urgent Care on Wednesday – and started getting much better on Thursday. But we only had Friday left… and we would be cleaning the beach house and driving that whole day. Poor guy.

The boys biked, swam, fished, ate and laughed. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I played with the baby, walked, played as many games of speed solitaire as we could fit in, spent as much time in the wonderful bookstore as I could afford, and took as many pictures as I could!

I will always cherish the time spent with my friend Amy, watching the sunrise and talking about life.

 A wonderful week (as always) in Vero was just what we needed to get across the finish line of this school year. The boys just love it down there and could have stayed another week!

Darren had to stay home because of work and school. He said, “See? This is why I didn’t want to grow up. I have to be all responsible-like and miss out on the fun.”

We sure missed him, and he was bummed when we left, but I was grateful to have him here taking care of things while we were gone.

I will have more pictures coming. There are HUNDREDS to go through.





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One response to “Brain Drain

  1. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    Beautiful photos! I like your postcards, too!
    the mood here in Japan is still dark, although we are doing quite usual.
    Kaoru has finally made it to the black belt with his karate, he is overjoyed.
    The downside is he has to quit his dojo because it is impossilbe to attend lessons there once he is in the dorm. But then his teacher’s anther dojo is quite close to his new school, or he can join karate club at school. He will be moving into his dorm next Sunday.
    Glad y’all had a good time in Florida.

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