Look What I Captured

Here are some of the photos I took of a sweet little girl who was seeing the ocean for the very first time. She was just enjoying the whole experience SO much, I couldn’t keep my lens away from her. I did go up and talk to the mom and was able to send the pictures to her. She was so happy that her daughters first trip to the beach was captured on film.

I was thrilled to capture it.











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2 responses to “Look What I Captured

  1. Those pictures are so beautiful! I’ll bet her mom was so thankful to have those moments preserved!

    Can I ask how you learned to take such wonderful pictures? I bought a fantastic camera last year (second-hand from my sister-in-law, great deal!) andit’s capable of so much more than how I use it. 9 times out of 10 I resort to the green box, and I only mess with the settings when the lighting is *perfect* and I’m doing portraits of my children to go up on the wall. I’d love to educate myself so that knowing how to set my camera becomes second nature. Did you read any particular books that you learned from? Or take a class?

  2. Anonymous

    Lovely photos. I was wondering about the reply that you might have forwarded to the above comment from Michelle. I too am looking to educate myself a little bit more in photography. What kind of Nikon are you using and do you know anything about the new mirrorless models coming out?


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