My New Favorite Place

Ever since we got our back deck built, (thank you Matt & Amy!) I have loved being out there and enjoying our “natural” backyard. In the Spring it is an especially beautiful time to be hanging out in the yard. With the trees budding and the birds singing… I just love it.

Well, my love of hanging out on the deck has just gone up a notch!

Patio furniture!

The old broken plastic chairs (that sometimes pinched your butt) are gone! Yaaaay!

I just can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this “new room” in the house. As long as it’s not raining… I am out there every evening, if not some in the day as well. We’ve eaten, entertained, napped and done school out here. It’s my new favorite place.

However, one of the boys said to me today, “I just don’t understand why we bought patio furniture and not livingroom furniture.” He’s got a point. I may have gotten my furniture acquiring priorities out of whack. Oh well… at least it’s being used… a lot.




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One response to “My New Favorite Place

  1. Karen Peckham

    That deck plus furniture looks so inviting! Here in southern Wyoming our front porch double rocker is often flipped over due to the crazy winds. And we don’t usually enjoy the back deck either because of the wind.

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