Five More Minutes Please


I had an exchange with JJ this morning that I never would have imagined happening.


JJ (from the top deck looking down at me): “Mom, don’t you think you should come in now and start school?”

Me (in the garden below, not even looking up at him): “Ummmm, oh… yea… just five more minutes… K?”

JJ: “Okay.”

Five minutes later – he’s back.

JJ: ” Okay mom… time to come in now and start school.”

Me: “Awwwww… can I pleeease have five more minutes?”

JJ: “Mooooooommmm, it’s getting late and I want to get worship done so I can do my chores and get on with my day. Now come on!”

Me: “Nsst… man… I don’t want to do school today. Can’t you guys just read worship and stuff by yourselves?”

JJ: “MOM. That is NOT how we do things around here. Time to come in.”

He walks away.

I come in.






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3 responses to “Five More Minutes Please

  1. Too funny. Sounds like a bit of role reversal. Hope you have a great weekend, hi-d!

  2. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    Funny!! You are doing the right thing to the boys.. at the end of the day,it is not what we try to teach them that they learn, but they learn from how we behave unintentionally. Keep up the good work both in and out of your house. Kaoru and I are text messaging a lot, thank god for the technology.

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