Back On The Road

After a great weekend with our Aunt and Uncle, Rick and I headed back to Atlanta.

We took back roads from Orlando until we came to the Ocala National Forest. Rick pulled into a side road that said Juniper Springs. From the road the place didn’t look like much, but when you get back in there… oh my. It was wonderful!

I WILL be back.

Next time there will also be a seven mile canoe trip for me!

The first time we got out of the car and took a walk, we didn’t take the camera. (I know…) but when we drove to another area… we were sure to grab it!

Here are some of the pictures from Juniper Springs.

See where the spring is bubbling up? Where ever there was a circle of clear sand, there was water bubbling up. It looked like billowing smoke as the sand was swooshed around.

My favorite shot.

Isn’t that water beautiful? So clear and blue!

And upon getting back in the car, I couldn’t help but get a shot of the beautiful color in this strawberry.

We had such a good time together.

I miss him.


Come back Rick… lets take another road trip!




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