Our Little Hike

I need to finish up our week with Rick before I start anything else, don’t I? With all the weather related happenings in our area… it’s been a little nuts around here. Not for us directly, but for a good portion of our state and others around us. It makes you appreciate all that you have and reminds us not to get too attached to it! Everything can change in an instant. Just ask around.

We are also wrapped up in the World News lately. A lot going on, to say the least.

Well, let me get to our hike highlights. We (once again) went to Line Creek Nature Trail with Rick. It’s a great little trail right in town. This year the creek wasn’t flooded, so we could make the trail loop. We went early in the morning so that it would be cooler and not only was it cooler, but the lighting was nice, and we got to see some critters that we usually don’t see.

Next time we are going even earlier, and going to bring in some food and water with us so we don’t tucker-out too soon. It was a great time!


Can you see all the boys in the above photo? They were climbing all over that fallen tree. What a great natural jungle gym!

This is what I think of when I think of the Rick of my childhood! Always up in something. Yep… he’s still the same!

As we were coming down the path, JJ turned and yelled, “SNAKE”! And then proceeded to head back up the trail. LOL! Sure enough, there was a snake in the tree right by his head. Fortunately, it was a “nice” snake and we all came around to watch him climb back up into the hole in the tree – more afraid of us than we were of him.

He (or she) had his head down at the bottom of the tree hole… just waiting to nab his prey. He already had started the climb back up before I could get my camera up to my face.

I just love this shot of the boys with their Uncle.

What a nice morning we had. After we got back home from Line Creek, we had an Easter egg hunt, then had to take Rick to the airport. 😦

We miss him so much, but are very happy for getting a week with him.



See our hike at Line Creek with Uncle Rick from two years ago here.


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