The Face Only a Mother Could Love

We are lucky enough to have this cute little couple come and stay with us again this Spring. They are delightful to have around and are no bother at all. They actually fend for themselves quite well, and never ask anything of me. We seem to enjoy each others company, and can go all day without saying a word to each other or share our deepest secrets. However, I am more than happy to just listen to them “talk”. It’s a wonderful relationship and I hope they know they are always welcome here.

Once again, this year, they have brought along their little brood.

Aside from our cats being more than interested in this little family, it’s a perfect place to raise the kids!

We are very supportive of their choice to homeschool – of course – and try to be available in any way they need us to help out. Mostly they just want our support and to let them observe our home school activities now and then.

The little Daddy is a wonderful father and mate. He defends his wife, no matter what the threat. Once he had to battle two other dudes that thought they could just move in and take over his little family. He not only brings home the bacon bugs, but he actually feeds the kids too! Just the nicest guy.

The sweet little Momma is just darling. She is so attentive to her little clan. All five of them! She sings to them in the morning and makes sure they eat natural & healthy meals. Like any mother of five, she is busy all the time. I’ve offered to sit with the little ones so she can get a nap in… but so far she hasn’t taken me up on it. I think she might just feel funny about leaving them for very long while they’re so young. That’s okay… maybe later on.

Oh, she did allow me to get some photographs of her little ones today. I was very grateful… being as I wanted to share with ya’all about their visit here and everything. However, I really felt like I needed to drop in a worm or something.


I think the little mom and dad were very proud to show off their kids with us. Hard to tell which side of the family they resemble yet though.

Truly… aren’t they the cutest ugly things you ever saw?!

Will keep you abreast of their growth and progress.





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4 responses to “The Face Only a Mother Could Love

  1. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    Such a nice sighting! Love those little babies, that’s the image that always pops up in my mind when I think of my bebe being hungry!!
    Currently, my bebe has not overcome his home sickness, especially this weekend when he has to stay at the dorm and can not come home to be fed and treated like a prince. Oh I wonder if I have done something wrong along the way before I pushed him off the nest.

    • Sandy

      Love the little birds! And Nagisa – I would worry if your bebe didn’t get homesick. I think that means you did an excellent job! You created ‘Home’ which is suppose to be the safest, warmest, most loving place in the world.

      • So true Sandy! Very well put.
        So… Nagisa… there you have it! Kaoru is not quite out of the nest yet… just on the edge, flapping the wings a little, and it’s good that he isn’t trying to leave early. Those little birds might get eaten up quickly. You have done a wonderful job of parenting him! Hugs!

  2. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    Heidi, Sandy
    Thanks a lot for both of you!! I feel much better.
    We are exchanging text messages like never before..what were we doing without cellphones back then?? I secretly wonder if Kaoru will be sending messages at this rate to a girl someday…So until it actually happens, I will enjoy every little moment I can be there for him.
    I thank God for your being there for insighful advice. Arigato!

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