Notice the Gifts

I am constantly amazed by Gods creative mind. I rather enjoy His humor as well! The last post of those baby birds is clear evidence that God has a sense of humor!

Here are those same little babies today. 

A little cuter now, eh? Bless their little hearts. Their eyes are not so scary anyway.

I am also enjoying the sweet display of love that I feel from Him when I gather edible gifts from our little garden. It’s with such tender care that He provides for us. From a tiny seed… these plants grow and bloom into nutritious food for our intricately made bodies and minds. How amazingly He worked it all out. It truly fascinates me.


He also gave us pure “beauty gifts” when it comes to the flowers, butterflies and sunsets! Those are especially appreciated, because they are given to us for the sheer joy of making us happy. 🙂

 And they DO make me happy!


How can this NOT make you happy?!

Can you see the hummingbird in the above photo?

I circled him for you here.

Oh, just let me zoom in on him!

Isn’t he just fantastic?

So glad that He cares enough to share these special gifts with me. There are gifts all around us that we just have to take the time to notice.


I hope you take the time to notice many gifts this week!



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One response to “Notice the Gifts

  1. Nagisa, Yuji and Kaoru

    It’a wonderful to watch little lives growing big!
    speaking of growing big, we wish Gerrit “Happy 15th Birthday”!!
    We will be looking forward to seeing some recent pics of him and his brothers.

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