Empty Nest

No… my boys haven’t left. Yet.

Although one has his wings already and should be taking off any time now!

It’s the birds in my fern. A couple of posts ago I showed you how funny they looked and then one where they started looking like birds!

Well, here is one of them on the 22nd of May…

…and five days later I went to get another shot of them, and this is what I found.


They are gone.

Wow though… that is quick. Now “mom and dad” have the rest of the year to takes trips and relax and stuff! Nice.


Sure hope they all made it to flight alright. Didn’t see any of them hanging out of Ahmi’s mouth, so guessing they at least got past the cats on their way to the real world.

We sure did enjoy watching them.

Oh, and as I was gathering up all the ferns to give them a much-needed drink… look what I found.

So… here we go again!

My poor ferns… they are not getting much attention from me with my worries about drowning baby birds and all!




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