The Birthday Day!

Gerrit had a good birthday party Saturday afternoon.

He had good friends come over and play airsoft with him and his brothers. It was very hot, but they played a few rounds, then went over to our neighbors house and went swimming!

They cooled off and played around until they got hungry, then everyone (including two more boys, and John & Debra) came back over here and we had a big mexican meal with cheesecake dessert!

(It’s hard to get a picture with Gerrit’s eyes open, so I am especially happy with this one!)

In the photo you see Darren holding up his phone? Well, on the phone is our “other son“, Kaoru, in Japan!!! It was HIS birthday the day after Gerrit, so we sang to both of them right then and there! How cool was that? (We sure do miss him, Kaoru, this summer.)

Anyway, the only bad thing about the photo is that Tate had to leave and is not in it. Otherwise, I was so happy to have gotten them all looking in one direction and nobody’s eyes shut!

Gerrit had a good time.

But there sure was an awful lot of smoke after he blew those candles out!






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