Meet the Girls (and guys)

This is LONG overdue, but I just keep running out of day!

Hopefully, I can get this post done tonight.

A week ago today we drove out in the country and picked up these little cuties. Twelve of the little darl’ens!


They are straight run, so we don’t know if they are guys or gals yet. But we have a fairly good idea about several of them. I only hope we have more gals than guys… because the guys are going to have to go. No roosters for this chick… I remember, all too well, how mean they are from my days on the farm as a child. Plus the fact that our neighbors wouldn’t appreciate the roosters!

Darren had one of his friends (who knows about chickens) come over and take a look at them for us. He said it looked like a lot of hens, but he wouldn’t know for sure for a couple of weeks yet. So… we wait and watch!

After a few days, I built a temporary pen for them out by the garden. I take them out there when I’m going to be working on my garden or Dave and I are working on the coop.

They LOVE it outside and have so much fun running around after bugs. I can’t leave them alone, since the pen isn’t covered – hawks, and it’s not a very sturdy fence – so the dogs can break in and get them. Oh… wait, that already happened. 😦  I turned my back for just a minute, helping Dave on the coop, and Jetta broke in and scared several out of the pen. She was “playing” with one of them when Harrison happened to notice (from inside) and ran out to rescue it! He did good! She was alright and although quite shook up, she is fine. Thank you Harris!

Jetta was a naughty dog.  

She will still get real excited when I bring them outside, but so far (after getting shocked in the rump – with a stun gun – for going near the pen) she hasn’t broken in again.

I decided not to wait until someone had to pry one of the chicks out of the cats jaws… so as soon as the cats went close to the pen… stalking… they got zapped in the butt. None of them have come near it since. I know… but it had to be done.

The actual chicken coop is being built to withstand all manner of critters. Fully roofed to keep out hawks and owls, screen being buried a foot under ground to keep out diggers, quarter-inch wire screen being used from under ground all the way to two feet up to keep out snakes, and all window openings or holes covered in heavy wire screen to keep out raccoons, possums, skunks etc, plus the regular chicken wire all the way up to the roof.

There are a lot of predators where we live, so I want to do it right the first time and not have to lose a few girls first.


I’m anxious for the coop to be done and for them to be big enough to go out there. Thank goodness for the new mud-room to keep their box in! They stink!

But I am getting quite attached to some of them. We’ve named a few, but not all of them.

This is my favorite. Hazel. She’s the smallest, bravest and calmest.



Having fun with my mini-wanna-be farm!




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