Pearls and Other Assorted Weapons

Last weekend I had the “honor” of accompanying a bunch of boys to the Renaissance Festival. (The truth is, I tried to opt out of going… but they kidnapped  demanded begged  okay, okay… they sweet talked me into going with them… and I caved. I’m such a sucker.)

It was fun… in a twisted sort’of way!

I like watching the boys enjoy things… but really… it was just WAY TOO HOT to enjoy much of anything.

Probably the hottest day we’ve seen so far this year… and we decided to go OUT IN IT… ALL DAY!


The thing is… I get migraines from the heat. No… not kidding. Wish I was. And, no… “I don’t get it” either… but it’s just what is. So, for the love of all that is sane, I didn’t want to go and then come home with a migraine while everyone else got to come home with some sort of cool weapon.

But that’s exactly what happened.

(even with consuming an alarming amount of fluids while there)

Although, I did get a fresh water pearl necklace… so the boys could watch the “extraction” process and see where pearls come from. (and I’d have something besides a headache when we got home!) I’m glad I did this. The three younger ones (and Tucker) had never seen this done before. 

I had this done in San Fransisco, on Pier 39, with Darren, when he was about 4 years old! Great memories. We had an “Adventure Day” once a month. We would go look for something or travel somewhere new or eat something we never had before. It was one of my attempts to take his little mind off of our broken home and all the “pains” that come with it. This one time he wanted to see what was inside a clam. And that’s just what we did! We also took a trip to San Fransisco one time to find a red balloon. Never found one, but had a blast looking!


Another thing I did enjoy seeing here was the Birds of Prey Show. The poor guy hosting the show had a hard time in the heat – and his assistant was out that day. He had to run to the back and then try to beat the bird to the front, a couple of times. Uggg. Poor guy. 

We especially liked the owl. It was HUGE!

It was SO hot, and all the seats that were left, were in full sun, so we got up and went to stand in the back along the fence.

(And please… don’t ask me about Darren’s long sleeve shirt. I don’t know why.)


The owl was SO cool. Totally worth standing there just to see that. The boys said it was actually one of their favorite things too.

This guy was hysterical. I don’t know if a vulture is considered a bird of prey… since they eat stuff that is already dead, but he was turned in to the wildlife refuge as a hatchling and has become humanized. Not able to release it back into the wild… they trained it and put it in the show! He was funny. He took off – off the stage and went running down the aisle to the back, checked out a little girls food she was holding, and then ran back to the stage! Ran mind you… not fly! More like a waddle really. This is why I have the close up of him… right in front of me… literally!


 These two little chaps were in hog heaven!

They go together every year to this festival, but it’s usually Tucker’s dad that takes them. (He said he owes me one! Ha. And ONE it will remain!)

(Dragon Eggs)

Finally, it got so hot that I didn’t even care about taking pictures. AAAUUHHH? YES. That hot. I just didn’t. even. care. Can you believe that? I put the camera in it’s bag. Sad, but true. It’s hard to focus on a good shot when your MELTING.

The boys each got a cool weapon and came home to practice throwing, slicing, swinging and chopping! Emergency room… prepare. (Just kidding Dad – they’re safe warriors!!) 🙂

The guys were very happy and they loved it. My head was back to normal the next day and all is well again.







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  1. Papa

    I would have loved to be with you and the boys even on
    that HOT day.

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