Don’t have the energy to write much. Too tired.

Will tell you more later – but we’ve been working the past two days on the chicken coop. ALL DAY. We are all beat. I’ve been pushing the boys to go longer than they think they can, in this heat and humidity, but it’s truly tough to do.

Didn’t take any pictures this weekend… cuz I’m not touching my camera when I’m that sweaty and dirty. Plus Dave and I really didn’t ever take any breaks.

We are almost done. We were SO close today, but ran out of steam (and the sun was nearly down). So the chicks couldn’t spend their first night out there yet. 😦 It makes me sad because they are getting to big for me to catch and carry back and forth from the house to the little make-shift pen twice a day.

Okay… goodnight. I will try to get some photos tomorrow. If I can move, that is.





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