They’ve Moved Out!

No… not the boys… the chickens.

Although it is not totally done yet, I was able to get enough of whats left done today so that the chicks could move out into their new home!

Dave is on a trip this week, but I just couldn’t wait until next weekend to get them out of the mud room and into the new coop. So, today I worked for eight hours straight, and got the coop good enough for them to move in. I’m exhausted, but very happy.

The chicks seemed just as happy!


The only thing left (besides some little things I can work on anytime) is the top layer of chicken wire and the roof. 

The nest boxes are from Pam over at Life on a Southern Farm. They are hand-made by her husband Farm Man. I love’em. You can order them with 2-6 nest boxes. Pam also sells home-made soap. (I aspire to be like Pam!)


I made the chicken feeder and water dispenser with a bucket (free from Sam’s Club bakery) and an oil pan. I want to eventually make an automatic water system for them, but that will have to wait awhile.


 This is what the girls see out their window.

Tomorrow we have piano lessons, and I really should work on cleaning this house up, but maybe Thursday I can finish with the chicken wire.

The boys were not “invited” out to help me today. I chose instead to escape the “whine & cheese” and have them take care of indoor projects, as well as bring me food & water! They did a good job of it, and I had peace and quiet to work in! Oh, JJ did turn on the outdoor stereo speakers for me, with some smooth jazz playing. That was nice. 🙂

So… I’m about out of steam for the day. So, off to “lick my wounds” and sleep!

It was a good and productive day.





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3 responses to “They’ve Moved Out!

  1. Karen Peckham

    That looks like a cross between a chicken mansion and a chicken palace to me! Very nice.

  2. Heidi, the chicken coop looks so good! You all did a great job on it.
    I bet the chickens will like the outside speaker too.

    I know the chickens will enjoy their beautiful new home.
    P.S…I inspire to be like you! You have such a great attitude about life. Keep it up!

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