Who Had What?

I’ve been meaning to share this little tip for some time now, but just keep forgetting about it. Found these pictures today as I was in this file for something else. Since I haven’t been good about keeping you updated on what we’re doing around here, I thought I’d get this one up and off my list!

If you have more than two kids to feed, it can sometimes get confusing as to who gets what. For instance; making omelets. Someone wants jalapeno peppers, someone else wants spinach, and someone else doesn’t want ANY onions – but a little bit of spinach, etc…

Same thing with sandwiches. If I have choices available, I think it’s good to have the kind of sandwich you like best. provolone cheese? Cheddar? Tomato? No tomato? But lots of times it can be hard to remember who’s is who’s! And nobody enjoys someone else dismantling (touching) your sandwich to see what kind of cheese is on it, or if it has pickles etc…

So, I started marking them with the boys initials. I have these darling bamboo cake testers from my friend Nagisa (in Japan) and I’ve put the boys initials on some of them to just poke into the corresponding sandwich or omelet.

When these break or get thrown out with the paper plate, I will make some out of alphabet beads and toothpicks. Easy and fun!

All you mom’s of many kids have probably been doing this for a long time! I just recently figured it out!

Anyway… just in case it could help make even one mom’s life easier… I’m posting it. 🙂


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