Brain Drain

I know… I’ve neglected you lately. It’s not that I don’t care. Really. I think about you every day and even  write to you in my head almost daily. Unfortunately, once I “write” it… I forget it! My brain is special that way.

If you are still reading, you may be interested in a brief update on the family.

Everyone is okay. Well, except for the congestion and coughs that are going around. Don’t know what that’s about… but at least it’s not a full-blown illness. It’s too hot to do much anyway… so we’ve had a few pajama days in a row!

Really, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on here. Nothing major anyway.

The chickens are doing well. Getting big. The news here is that out of 12 chickens… it appears that 8 of them are roosters. 😦 I am not happy about it… but I can’t change them and having mostly males is the story of my life! (they will be eaten. the roosters – not my men-folk!)

Speaking of the chickens, we had a big coyote trying to get into their coop the other day. The boys chased him off with their air-soft guns… but I’m sure he’ll be back.

A few weeks ago, I found a turtle (out by the chicken coop) and brought it in for JJ. He’s been looking for one since spring time. He was so happy. He set up a 20 gallon tank for him and got the UV light going and all that good stuff. “Derf” LOVES cottage cheese! Well, last weekend “he” started laying eggs! Every morning there would be a new egg in the tank. The first one got stepped on by its mother… (Derfette?) and the second one was dried and caved in by the time we found it. But the third and fourth eggs looked pretty good, so we have them in a safe warm place and are hoping that they might actually hatch! What fun THAT would be! We have three months to wait.

Harrison was given two baby cat-fish from a friend last weekend as well. So, another tank was set up to house “Ozzie & Harriet”! Now those are some critters we haven’t ever had. 🙂 Will be interesting to see how big they get.

So far this summer, I’ve cleaned out the classroom, three kitchen drawers, the master closet and gone through all the boys clothes. Still have two closets to work on, and of course my art studio… which is always last… due to my guilt over having a clean studio to work in, while the rest of my house is a mess. So, the theory is, to clean the rest of the house first. Then when the studio is clean… I can spend all my “spare” time in the studio guilt-free! Okay people, I know. It’s just a theory for cry’en out loud. I usually run out of summer before I get the studio cleaned anyhow… let alone find “spare” time to be artsy! (But I can dream can’t I?)

Still haven’t told Mr. Safety about the toaster incident. 😦 (read previous post)

Almost have all my plans set for our upcoming trip to California! Trip planning and traveling are not my forte, but will love the pictures I’ll get, and the memories of friends and family we’ll cherish forever.

Praying tonight for very dear friends of mine who just lost their mother today. Such a hard thing. We are all grateful that she is not suffering anymore.

Blessings to you all,



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