I’m Fine… Really

I keep telling myself that.

It’s packing day for a family vacation, and I’m just not real good at this. I’m a home-body. And an airport hater. I know… that’s a strong word… but I think I’d rather have a root canal than go through the airport fiasco!

Really. It’s not my favorite thing.

Then there is the packing problem. Oh, I can be organized and all… but what to wear? That is my big dilemma. I can barely dress myself when I’m at home… let alone when traveling! invariably I pack the wrong kind of clothes.

The boys are less than thrilled with my packing suggestions (they can smell my anxiety) and would just as soon wear the same clothes the whole trip rather than try to figure out “how many of what” they need. I am kind’of liking their way of thinking! :/

So, I will be gone for a while now, and plan to have lots of pictures to share when we get back!

Here’s hoping the “adult” child takes good care of the pets, plants and property.

Oh… I may need a Valium.





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