Views, Views, Views Everywhere!

Well, I could swear I put two photos in the last post. Hmmm. I’ll just blame it on my slow ebbing jet lag! It’s much better now, but come mid afternoon… I could go get into bed… for the night!

Our trip to California was wonderful. It went so smooth and I nearly got everything I wanted to do… done! The only things I didn’t get in were things to do in San Francisco, but I knew it would be a challenge of gargantuan proportions to get it all in. Especially since being in a big crowded city is not where any of us LOVE to be. But we spend one day there, and we did have fun, no matter what the boys say.

Let me back up a bit, to the begining. We did happen to get on the first flight we tried Thursday morning. All that fretting and stressing I did was for not. However, we did get the last four seats on that big tin beast… so there was some cause for concern. (and just so you know… standby is NOT free! It takes its toll in the form of stress!)

 After arriving in San Francisco, we took the bus to San Rafael and started our vacation. (The husband was scheduled to arrive the next day… or the next. We just never know.) We enjoyed the rest of that day loving on Baby Bug and taking in the views and the boys swam for a bit. The weather was perfect and SUCH of relief from the humid-hot Georgia climate.

Our friends have a beautiful home on the side of a mountain overlooking the bay. It’s the kind of house one could park in and never leave! And that is precisely why they picked that one, back when Matt was just coming home from the Burn Unit, about 14 years ago. (I’m sure I will be corrected in the comments section if any of that is wrong! So check there after you read this.) 🙂

The next day we took a ride up to the top of Mount Tamalpais and hiked its perimeter trail. It was such an enjoyable easy hike. A bit warmer than down below, and no need for the wind breakers.

Don’t know if you can see this or not, but that dark spot in the mid slightly right side of the pic is a hummingbird. I didn’t know I even had a bird in that shot until I got home. Much less a hummingbird!!

See the fog rolling in off the coast to the left of the above photo? That was so neat to see moving in.

Getting back around to where we parked, and the fog had come in to the base of the mountain.


Driving down into the fog. It was a VERY windy road and we had a hungry baby and a car sick kid! Made for an interesting drive home.

And later that night, Runway was taken to the vet. He’s thirteen years old and has had some issues lately, so we were nervous about his condition. But he came home the next day and seemed to do well for the rest of our time out there.

This photo was taken just before Runway was taken off to the vet. Harrison has known him his whole life and prays for him everyday. We have been blessed to know him for all these years! 


Even with the hungry baby, car sick JJ and the Runway scare… it was a good day. We were so happy to be there with Uncle Matt & Aunt Amy.



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