A Day in San Francisco


Day three was spent in San Francisco. The husband flew in that morning, and my sweet big brother picked him up from the airport and then they met the boys and I near Fisherman’s Wharf.

I’ll be honest. This was not the boys favorite day. Fighting the massive crowds is not their idea of fun, but then it’s not mine either, but I was determined to show them the city and let them get some history lessons on my old stomping grounds.

We had a great conversation on the way to the city. The boys asked questions and I told stories of when I was younger and came to SF. We talked about the 1906 earthquake, marveled at the construction of the Golden Gate, and tried to see how many songs we could come up with that were sung about San Francisco. We even discussed what it would be like to live there and decided that there was a lot of cool stuff to do around that beautiful city, but that we’d let prefer not to live in it.

While we waited for Dave and Rick we found Lombard Street and Harrison shot some pictures while I drove down it. That was fun!

When we finally met up with the guys, we got lunch and then headed off for our Bay Cruise. We all enjoyed that! It was VERY windy and a bit chilly – but what a great ride!! They narrated history all about SF during the WHOLE cruise. It was perfect. Crowded, but perfect in every other way.

We were walking to Pier 39 when JJ started fussing about not feeling good and wanting to go back to Matt & Amy’s house. I got a bit upset at him (all three of them really) and told them to just suck it up and enjoy their only day in SF, because I had gone to a lot of work to make this day possible… etc…etc…

The thing I didn’t know was that JJ was getting low on his blood sugar, and was getting grumpy for a good reason. It didn’t occur to me until he just about passed out in the middle of a very packed Pier 39 as we were walking to the end of it to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. We got him to a step to sit down and Uncle Rick (to the rescue!!) ran and got him a fruit smoothie. In just a few minutes he was doing good enough to walk the rest of the way down the pier to dinner. Wheeeewh. Poor kids silly mother was just not paying attention to how long it had been since he ate lunch. 😦

Anyway, we have memories – some fond, and some not so fond – of our day in the big city. If I had it to plan all over again, I would definitely try to plan that day during the week instead of on a very busy Saturday. And I’d pack protein bars!

We got back to Matt & Amy’s just in time to watch a movie in the front yard!

Long day, but SO glad we did it!




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